Crown Cleaning understand that your carpeting is probably the largest interior décor investment in your home or office. To get your money’s worth on your carpeting purchase and installation, one of the most effective maintenance routines you can do is to give our carpet a professional steam cleaning.

Carpet steaming (Melbourne businesses in particular) is recommended as a once per year maintenance activity, depending on the level of traffic. Steaming ensures that the life of the carpet can be extended as long as possible by reducing building up dirt, and cleaning out mold, mildew, mites or other such pollutants that have gradually built up. Of course, frequent vacuuming is recommended, but to get out the deeply-entrenched grime that can reduce the life of your carpet and leave an unsavory smell to the room, a steam cleaning is absolutely necessary.

Along with a regular steam cleaning, we also recommend that you occasionally stretch out your carpet. Carpet stretching is out of our many services, above and beyond regular carpet repair. Melbourne weather, particularly the extremes of hot and cold, humid and dry, is no friend to building structures in general, including your interior décor and floor carpeting. For that reason, we see carpet repair as an essential part of our services to customers.

Carpet stretching involves loosening the edges of the carpet, pulling the carpet tight with balanced force in all directions, and then refastening the edges securely to ensure a durable hold. Doing this helps not only to improve the appearance of the carpet (taking out ripples) but also limits the motion of the carpet while it is being tread upon, which reduces the wear and tear of normal use. In the end, this simple maintenance routine can extend the life of your carpet and improve esthetics at the same time.

To learn more about carpet stretching and other repair and maintenance services, we invite you to give us a call at our number, 1300 30 32 30, or contact us via this website. We welcome the chance to answer any questions you may have on carpet cleaning and Carpet repairs. Melbourne and its suburbs is only a short drive away for us, and we also provide services to the small towns and communities beyond the Melbourne metro area. We look forward to providing you the best carpet repair service Melbourne has to offer, and thank you for checking out our website.